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Cruising: Embarkment Day Tips

Picture courtesy of Royal Caribbean Wonder Of The Seas

As April comes to an end, we gear up for May. We often think about the saying “ April showers bring May Flowers” or for some of us we think about how close our vacation is getting.

For some families, vacations are a hard thing to come by, for some, it is the planning of the destination, how to manage the number of people going or for others, it is the “when I get there what if”. Cruising has been around for years, decades, and even centuries. With things changing from year to year and cruise to cruise, there is always one thing that remains true, the joy, the excitement, and the everlasting memories when embarking on your cruise.

Embarkment day can be a stressful thing, especially for new cruisers and for big groups, there are a few things to help knock off some stress. When we get close to our vacation we start to get excited and sometimes get lost in how to prepare. Number one is important documents, a folder that includes things like your birth certificate, passport, boarding pass, and photo identification can help keep you organized.

VERIFLY is another great way to get prepared, this app is both downloadable on iOS and Android. This app allows you to add your documents electronically before leaving for your vacation making it easier and more efficient in case of accidentally missing an important document, as well as all your health information.

When packing your suitcase and carry on there are a few things you should make sure to have. Especially in your carry-on as most cruise lines do not allow you access to your stateroom until 1:30 pm. You may want to go swimming right away or take pictures of the first reactions when walking aboard. Swimsuits, Phones, Chargers, Cameras, and Medications are a few of many important items to pack.

When planning your itinerary most people forget to look at every fine detail, such as the pricing to park in port. Some cruise ports charge upwards of $150.00 per week to park your vehicle. A great way to get around this is to find out if your hotel offers a “park and ride”.

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BY: Lexi Schomer

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