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Disney Releases 2022 Vacation Packages Early

Walt Disney World Resorts Release 2022 Vacation Packages Early

We have heard for some time that the Walt Disney World Resort flood gates are about to open for the travel industry. Christmas came early for everyone, and Walt Disney World in the mood of giving; 2022 vacation packages, that is. Typically Walt Disney World publishes vacation packages for the upcoming year early to mid-summer, so as you could have imagined, we were just as surprised as you. There are many advantages to this wonderful announcement. This gives everyone plenty of time to plan for a vacation that far ahead. Also, booking this far ahead allows everyone to have even more time to start saving. This is one huge announcement and a complete win for us and the Walt Disney World Resorts.

2022 Walt Disney World Resort Package Details

Here is what we know so far. We will update this blog if more information becomes available.

  • The check-in date of your vacation cannot be more than 500 days in the future.

  • Disney Vacation Club Resorts are available for bookings on a rolling 11-month schedule.

  • Some resort hotels are not, as of this time, scheduled for reopening yet. Disney will continue to evaluate the situation and reopen more locations when it is right to do so.

  • Disney Dining packages remain unavailable at this time. We are wishing upon a star, hoping the Disney Dining Plan will make a return very soon!

  • Normal terms and conditions for final payments, cancelations, and change fees will apply for all 2022 vacation bookings. This means your final payment is due 30 days prior to your vacation. It also means that any changes and/or cancellations will need to be done at least 30 days prior to your vacation.

  • Booking a 2022 package does not guarantee theme park availability, and you will still need to make park reservations for arrivals starting in 2022. You should book your park reservations immediately after linking your 2022 vacation package to the My Disney Experience app.

  • The deposit for a Disney World vacation package is still $200 per room, again with the final payment due 30 days before your vacation begins.

This is great news and something to look forward to after such a difficult year. If you’re ready to write your story and plan your next vacation? Click here for your FREE no-obligation quote, and one of our Story Guides will contact you.

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