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Disney World Minnie Vans

Have you ever stayed late to watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom and started out of the park with all the people returning to the resorts on the buses? There is a good chance that you have some tired children who need a bed as soon as possible. You get to your bus stop, and the line for the bus is long. You know that you will have to wait for the second or even the third bus and have to stand. What if I told you that you could have an alternate ride to your resort?

Minnie Vans is a service Disney World offers for transportation operated through Lyft. They are cute red SUVs decked out in Minnie Mouse Poka Dots. There is plenty of room in the Minnie Vans for up to 6 guests and plenty of room for luggage or even a stroller or two. One of the perks of the Minnie Van Service is they offer two complimentary child seats if requested to keep your little ones safe.

Rides are available any time between 6:30 AM and 12:30 AM, depending on availability. In true Disney fashion, these hours are subject to change. Guests are picked up at a designated rideshare location near the entrance or bus loop at each park. Just look for the Minnie Van sign.

Even though Minnie Vans are operated through the Lyft app, you won't have a standard Lyft driver. All the Minnie Van drivers are specially-trained Disney Cast Members. Your driver might be able to share some insider info and special tips for your trip.

If you have ever used Lyft, you know the price depends on the distance traveled from pick-up and drop-off locations. It is the same with the Minnie Vans. They are subject to the surge pricing that comes with a typical rideshare service. During busier times, the cost of your ride will go up. Pricing is a little more than a regular Lyft ride, but knowing that a Disney Cast Member is picking you up puts me at ease. Another thing to think about is that a standard Lyft driver can only drop you off at the lobby of your resort, and a Minnie Van driver can drive you to your resort building.

Not only can you use the Minnie Van service to and from the parks, but you can also use it to go from resort to resort or even from Disney Springs to your resort. I used the service on my last Disney World trip from our dining reservation at Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge to our building at Pop Century.

As of the time of writing, Minnie Vans are not available to and from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) but will be coming soon.

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