Prepping for your RunDisney event!

Today, I wanted to share a little about the action leading up to a Disney race that completes the overall experience. Next month, I will share my personal experience of running a Disney race.

First, the day of race sign up is super exciting for most folks that love to run at Disney or have a desire to complete their first race.  Being prepared with multiple devices is a MUST if you want to have a chance in participating in the events.  Currently, there is a que that you are put into once the registration is open.  Many runners are waiting, with their fingers crossed, that a spot will be available when their turn arrives.  The 5K and 10K often sell out first, so snatch those up if that is your goal.  Once you are registered for a race, you receive an email congratulating you for your registration, this is when the adventure begins!!

Next up, deciding on your running costume! Keep in mind you want to be comfortable, not itchy, moisture wicking, but also fashionable.  There are many websites that sell running outfits that are specifically for Disney races or you can be creative and make your own!  Once you decide on your costume, make sure you do a practice run about a month in advance, so you can work out any kinks or irritations you may have to change.

Finally, you’ve arrived at Disney for your race(s) and you get to head to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up your bib(s) and check out the expo! The music is pumping as you walk in, the flags for the race weekend are hung, and you have tears of joy running down your face as you can’t believe this is happening.  The bib pick up is very streamlined and organized, you pick it up within minutes and then head over to the expo.  Vendors of all kinds are available to shop at and of course you can’t pass it all up!!  The medals are on display as well as the race course for photos.  Lastly, you pick up your shirt(s) and head home with a feeling of anxiety, excitement, and joy that you will be running at Disney very soon!  Sleep well as that alarm comes super early, 3am!!  Enjoy the ride!   

Betsy Miller

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