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Step into the Enchantment: Tiana's Palace and Bayou Adventure Await at Disney Parks

By Nick Eyman - July 28, 2023 | Tiana's Palace and Bayou Adventure Await at Disney Parks

Disney Parks recently treated us to a sneak peek at the magnificent Tiana's Palace, and we couldn't be more thrilled! The completed marquee, adorned with riverboat-inspired smokestacks and a charming wheelhouse, now stands tall, giving us a glimpse of the grandeur that awaits inside. The balcony proudly displays the name "Tiana's Palace," promising an enchanting experience for all who step through its doors.

Currently a buzz of anticipation surrounds the opening date of Tiana's Palace, which remains under wraps. However, from the looks of it, the restaurant is almost ready to welcome eager guests. An exciting transformation of the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square, Tiana's Palace draws inspiration from its predecessor while adding delightful riverboat elements to capture the essence of Princess Tiana's world.

Tiana's Palace will enchant visitors with its delectable New Orleans flavors, promising an unforgettable quick-service dining experience. Although it won't be a character dining location, guests who yearn to meet Princess Tiana need not worry, as they will have the opportunity to do so in the enchanting New Orleans Square.

Interestingly, the original name envisioned by Tiana for the restaurant was "Tiana's Place," which coincidentally happens to be aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship. Both dining locations are destined to bring joy to Disney enthusiasts and culinary enthusiasts alike. But that's not all! The magic of Tiana's presence is spreading throughout New Orleans Square, as Eudora's Chic Boutique, featuring "Tiana's Gourmet Secrets," has already opened its doors. Occupying the former Le Bat en Rouge location, this charming shop is a collaboration between Tiana and her talented dressmaker mother, Eudora. Offering an array of clothing, accessories, cooking supplies, and more, the boutique is sure to captivate visitors seeking a piece of Tiana's world. Listen carefully, and you might even overhear Tiana and Eudora engaging in delightful conversations in the back room.

And the excitement doesn't stop there! Next year, prepare for the highly anticipated "Tiana's Bayou Adventure," a reimagining of the beloved Splash Mountain attraction. This adventure takes us on a journey with Tiana, who, in the ride's backstory, establishes the Tiana's Foods co-op in 1927. Nestled in a salt mine, cultivators grow crops along the waters, making it a truly unique experience for guests.

During the events of "Tiana's Bayou Adventure," Tiana, accompanied by the lovable alligator Louis, ventures into the bayou to gather animal friends for an extraordinary Mardi Gras celebration. The ride will feature an impressive lineup of 17 new characters, including Prince Naveen's younger brother, Ralphie, adding more depth to this immersive experience. Fans of the beloved Disney film, "The Princess and the Frog," will be delighted to know that several original voice actors will be returning to reprise their roles, including Anika Noni Rose as Tiana, Bruno Campos as Naveen, Michael Leon Wooley as Louis, and Jennifer Lewis as Mama Odie.

With Tiana's Palace, Tiana's Bayou Adventure, and the delightful Tiana's Gourmet Secrets boutique, New Orleans Square is about to become an enchanting haven for Disney enthusiasts and all those who cherish the magic of storytelling. So, mark your calendars, because an unforgettable adventure awaits you at Disney Parks! Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to immerse yourself in the charm and wonder of Tiana's world. Your magical journey is just around the corner!

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