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Threads, Glorious Threads

Image by Dinsey Parks Blog

Disney has given us Marvel fans so much content this year! We’ve been gifted with some full-length feature film quality shows like Captain America and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki. While we anxiously await to see what Loki Season 2 has in store, we have three more shows yet to debut on the streaming service with What If, Hawkeye, and Ms. Marvel.

Since the opening of Disneyland, Disney has been using its park’s attractions and key landmarks to showcase/advertise its films. From the key landmark, Sleeping Beauty Castle, to the newest upcoming ride coming into Walt Disney World’s Epcot – Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind – no potential audience is too small or unknown for Disney to market to. And lately, they have not shied away from making deep cuts that appeal to avid Marvel fanatics in relation to Avengers Campus at Disney’s California Adventure.

In addition to the rides, landmarks, and attractions, one of the coolest things about being in a Disney Park is the ability to meet and interact with your favorite characters. It doesn’t matter if you’re 3 or 93; everyone needs to get a photo with Mickey Mouse at least once! Heroes and Villains alike don the getup from their respective films and interact with guests every day. While most costumes worn by the characters relate to their key moments in their respective film, Avengers Campus seems to be sampling a new approach that is sure to keep their seamstresses busy! Or…at least that’s what we’ve heard from Cinderella’s mice.

When new Loki episodes were released this month, avid fans noticed a connection to his apparel worn at the campus. As with any action film or series, costumes are changed frequently. Disney would make weekly adjustments to account for this and reveal his new look to match that of the episode the week it was released. Without spoiling the show for our readers, if Loki had a jacket on the screen, Loki would wear a jacket in the parks. If he had some other accessory, it would be added to the character’s look. It begs the question; will any of these costumes be revisited in the future, or were they made and designed to be worn once for the extent of the week in connection with the show?

Loki wasn’t the only one to receive some fabulous wardrobe changes. Rather than wander the campus in her standard black, guests noticed her new white uniform being worn along with a new updo to match her look from the movie. Alterations were also made to Natasha Romanoff (aka the Black Widow) and her signature looks in order to prepare for the release of her film.

With the release of What-If and the upcoming film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, we are anxiously waiting to see what new costumes our already beloved characters currently present in the park will be trying on next, as well as what potential expansions they will make to account for larger storytelling in the future.

Could Shang-Chi join in on a show with Dr. Strange? Will Peggy Carter be arriving at the campus with her own vibranium shield?

As Loki comes to an end, the Marvel world is left with unlimited possibilities. It is the perfect canvas for Disney to paint whatever they choose, especially within a section of their park designed for growth and equally unlimited possibility.

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