Ultimate Packing List for a Walt Disney World Vacation

You're standing on Main Street in Disney's Magic Kingdom. You look around and see all of the gleaming nostalgic buildings you've witnessed in photos and on previous trips. You smell the fresh popcorn in the air while listening to the merry tunes that only Disney can produce. You are full of wonder as you look toward Cinderella's castle-- you are finally at Walt Disney World once again. Then... you notice that a crowd of people is staring at you, seemingly laughing as you stand there in awe of the park, but you become suddenly confused... you look down and realize you aren't wearing any pants, just bright pink Minnie slippers and you've forgotten to bring anything with you to even cover yourself up. You start to sweat profusely. Had you really forgotten everything because you were so busy planning your perfect trip? You quickly jolt up out of bed, to realize that it was only a dream, (or a nightmare of sorts), and thankfully you still have a couple more days to get your packing list in order before heading to Walt Disney World. Phew....

Planning for a trip to Walt Disney World takes time and a lot of effort. There are deadlines to meet to get the best selection for dining, experiences, and Fastpasses. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in all of the planning, that the packing list becomes a second thought-- until it's too late and you're out of time. (Which are some of the many reasons it is best to use a Your Story travel planner when planning your trip). Your trip to Walt Disney World shouldn't be stressful. So we have created a packing list to help ensure that you don't forget anything you'll need for your upcoming trip!

Essential Items

Clothing (more on that in the next section)

Comfy shoes! Or two pairs if you have room.



A small camera (can be your phone)

Face masks (Disney World requirement for every person 2 and older)

Prescription medication

Cell Phone Battery pack charger

Cheap ponchos

Your ID

Magic Bands, Park Tickets or Confirmation Information for will call

Magical Express letter


Socks- don't forget those comfy socks. Don't bring the ones that ride down your heel

Light jacket for fall and winter months

Rain jacket for spring months. You can often use a poncho in the summer months to keep the rain off without bringing additional warmth

Bathing suits and cover-up for the awesome Disney World pools

The essentials- underwear, pants/shorts, shirts, etc.

Flip-flops for trips to the pool and for walking around the resort

Nice to Have

First Aid kit including tylenol, aleve, asprin, band-aids, anti-chafe balm, mole-skin, chapstick

Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer

Plastic grocery bags (empty)

Night light

Pins for trading

Ziplock bags (small and large) (empty)

Tide pen

Zip-up water-resistant bag with wristlet (empty)

Disney gift cards

Items that Enhance Your Trip

Matching shirts

Minnie Ears and Mickey Hats

Battery-powered lights for strollers at night

Glow Sticks/Light-up toys for night

Autograph book & Sharpie (retractable sharpies in different colors for different characters). (Pre-COVID 19). Another fun idea for an autograph book is to use the Junior Encyclopedia of Disney characters. Have the characters sign their page in the encyclopedia.

Clean pennies for the penny press

Princess dresses for the little ones

Reusable straws. Disney World provides paper straws unless other straws are requested. Do yourself a favor by bringing your own set of reusable straws to enjoy those fun and fancy drinks throughout the parks!

Food Items

Trail mix


Dried Fruit

Beef Jerky

Protein Bars

Quick and small snack items

Fruit/vegetable squeeze pouches

Baby/Toddler Items

Stroller (recommend renting offsite or bringing your own) with snack tray and cupholder

Stroller clips


Baby wipes

Formula (if applicable)

Stroller rain cover,

Sippy cup



Small Blanket (for napping on the go and for cold evenings)

Swim diapers

Reusable or throw away placemats

Changing pad or a few puppy pads

Baby sunscreen

Baby hat

Toddler-friendly snacks

Sound machine

Lovey/ stuffy for sleep

Don't Bring These Items

Anything heavy

A million bags. When you go through security, they will open every bag. Don't slow down entry into the park by bringing a bag within a bag within a bag etc.!

Bug repellant. Disney takes care of those suckers for you.

Large umbrella

Selfie Sticks

For more information on what to pack and what should stay home, visit our website where we have a graphic you can download.

If you would like a quote, please feel free to reach out to me at Jessica@yourstorytravel.com

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