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Ways to Save at Walt Disney World

Let's face it; a Disney vacation can be expensive. One of the top questions I get from my clients is, "how can we save money while on vacation"? I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ways to save money while at Disney World.


If you are a family that enjoys camping, it would be wise to check out For Wilderness Campground with your camper. I have a few clients that camp at Fort Wilderness during their Disney trips and rave about it.

Fort Wilderness is the cheapest on-property resort. It offers many free activities, like basketball and tennis courts, pools, nature trails, and a fantastic view of the Electrical Water Pageant and the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. You can participate in the Golf Cart Parade during Halloween and decorate your golf cart. You can decorate your campsite during Christmas and be in a decorating contest.

Skip The Parks

I know this is unheard of if you are a die-hard Disney Nerd like myself, but it is nice to take a day off from the parks. You can enjoy your resort's pool, watch a movie under the stars, or even resort hop and check out some other resorts. During Easter, you can see themed chocolate eggs, and at Christmas, you can see some unique Gingerbread Houses at some resorts. My family likes to resort hop, swim, and take naps on our off days. Not only do we recharge, but we also save money by not going to the parks and spending.

Save on Snacks

Some of the Quick-service meals are so big you can split them. You can always order off the kid's menu if you don't want to share. We ordered off the kid's menu a few times while at Disney last year, and the portions were just the right size and came with dessert. Best of all, they were considerably cheaper than adult meals.

You can also bring your own food. Order from one of the grocery delivery services, eat breakfast in your room or stuff some snacks in your bag for the parks. You can also refill water bottles at any quick-service restaurant instead of buying soda. I also can't say enough about the refillable popcorn buckets. Buy one the first day, and then you can refill them for less than $3.00 whenever you want to.

Save on Necessities

You will not believe how much a poncho cost's in the parks when you can buy them at Dollar Tree for $1.25 at home and bring them with you. Don't forget any medicines like Tylenol you might need. Portable Chargers are another great thing to have in the parks with you. However, there are some nice areas in the parks that have charging stations.

Other Ways to Save

I know they are not being sold right now, but if you plan on going to Disney a few times a year, purchasing an Annual Pass would be a good idea. It can help save a percentage at the parks on any purchases. Sometimes you can get really good resort rates at certain times of the year. Not wanting to spend that kind of money to save, then think about getting a Disney Visa Credit Card. You can use it to get food and merchandise discounts. If you want to help control spending, I suggest getting a Disney gift card with a certain amount on it. We do this with our kids. They can use it to purchase whatever they want, but when the gift card is empty, that's it. Sam's Club and Target are a few great places to buy gift cards.

For some more great ways to save, contact one of our Story Guides today to start planning your next Disney Vacation.

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