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Halloween On The High Seas

As you well know, Covid-19 has suspended all Disney Cruises up through the first week of December. That doesn't mean we can't dream and plan to cruise in 2021. One good thing about the Disney Cruise Line is if you think a 7 night cruise is too long, you can choose from a 3, 4, or 5 night cruise.

One of my favorite cruise's is the Halloween On The High Seas Cruise. It was the very first cruise we took as a family. We only did the 3 night because we didn't know if we were going to like it or not but let me tell you, the 3 nights were not enough. There was so much to do and so much to see.

When we got on the ship, it was around 1:30 PM and we were starving. We couldn't get in our rooms until 3:00 pm so we decided to check out Cabana's buffet but it was so crowded that we couldn't find a table. There were some tables outside but a storm had come through as we were going through security and waiting to board. I suggested we go to Animator's Palate and just get some lunch there. I suggest going there instead of Cabana's when you first board. The lunch was fantastic. They do have a fixed menu to pick from but I promise you won't be sorry. About the time we finished eating, our rooms were ready.

When you get in your room, you can find the paper Navigator. The Navigator is the daily list of things going on at certain times around the ship. I am a huge fan of Nightmare Before Christmas so I was excited to see the Nightmare Before Christmas sing along going on that night. We also went down to the Atrium to watch the lighting of the Halloween Tree. If you ever get the chance to see this, it is a must do!

The next day, we woke up as the ship was pulling into Nassau, Bahamas. It was so neat to wake up in another country. We had an excursion that day that was only a few hours long. We took the Glass Bottom Boat Tour and it was so much fun and we got to see some amazing celebrity vacation homes. After our excursion, we had lunch at Cabana's. It wasn't crowded like it was the first time we tried to go. I'm assuming it wasn't because everyone else was out on their excursions. After we ate, we headed off in our own directions. The boys and my oldest daughter hit the pools and rode the Aqua Duct. The youngest met up with a friend in the kids club and the hubs and I went to play bingo. Bingo was a little pricey for 3 rounds. It was $40 per person and you got 1 paper bingo card and an electronic board. It was so crowded that we ended up sitting at the bar. Which we did partake in a few yummy drinks. I recommend the Strawberry Mango Daquiri!

About that time, the kids started texting me on the Disney Cruise Line app saying they wanted to go trick or treating. Of course before we left home, I asked them to pick out costumes for this reason but they just looked at me like I had two heads. I was the only one to pack a costume. That didn't matter to them. They went Trick or Treating on the ship anyway. They ended up with tons of candy. That night we really didn't do anything. We explored the ship, went to a movie, and just kind of hung out in our staterooms.

The next day we actually slept in but when we woke up we were docked in Disney's Castaway Cay. We ate breakfast at Cabana's; Which was amazing! One thing you will learn is that your servers follow you each night of your cruise on your dining schedule. They really get to know you. Our head server was Taun. He showed us different magic tricks each night. During the day, these servers work at different places like Cabana's. We actually ran into Taun that morning at Cabanas and he immediately asked where our boys were. He really befriended my son and nephew on that cruise. After breakfast, we spent the entire day out on the beach. It was such a relaxing day. The lunch buffet was really good too. Even though we had on sunscreen, we all ended up a little red. The water is so clear, the sun just reflects off of it.

We had dinner at at the Royal Palace that night and to top it off, it was Pirate night and the Halloween party. So, you could wear either your Pirate gear or your Halloween Costume. Once again, dinner was amazing. My son and I had the Salmon and it was delicious. I even got this chocolate dessert that looked like a spider.

So, on the 3 night cruise, they combine the Pirate night and Halloween party because there is just not enough time for both. On the 4 night cruise or longer, they each have their own night. That night we had Fireworks at sea and they were spectacular. After the fireworks, they had a Pirate Dance party. Then later that night they had an adults only Halloween party in one of the clubs.

One thing about Disney cruises most people do not know is that there is a community of cruisers that will be on your cruise with you. Each sailing has a Facebook page for that sailing. You can also sign up for the gift exchange called Fish Extenders. Fish Extenders are these things you hang on your door that have pockets and people put little gifts in them. We actually met a family on the Facebook group that lived up the road from us. I mean, they literally live up the road from us. We actually were all on the same flight down to Orlando together. I'll tell you, Disney people are the most amazing and friendly people you would ever meet. We are still friends with them a year later. My youngest daughter also had a texting pen pal and they talked for 3 months before we sailed. They actually met first thing when we were going through security. They text back and forth today. I'm also still friends with the girl's mom on Facebook and we catch up with each other every few months.

Overall, Halloween on the High Seas was an absolute blast. I highly recommend it. Just don't do the 3 night unless that is all you have time for. There was so much to see and do that we didn't have time for. Our next Disney Cruise adventure will be The Very Merry Time Cruise around Christmas in 2021. This time, we are planning on doing the 7 night cruise. I'm also trying to rope my best friend and her family into going with us. I promise you, one Disney Cruise and you will be addicted to it.

Even though there is no Halloween on the High Seas this year doesn't mean that we can't get you booked for next year. Now is the time to book that cruise for next year. Get in touch with one of our Story Guides and they can help you plan the perfect trip. If you would like me to book your next adventure, send me an email at

Happy Halloween and See Ya Real Soon!

Jeana Kruetzkamp

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